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Why Was Michael Moriarty Fired From Law Order?

It’s been more than a year since Michael Moriarty was fired from NBCs Law Order, but why did the show’s producers fire him? The reason may be as simple as his lawsuit with then-Attorney General Janet Reno, who cited the show as “offensive” and said she wanted to censor Murder, She Wrote, a show he also starred in. The show’s executives, including Wolf, didn’t take his concerns seriously and ultimately caved in to Reno’s demands, so Moriarty filed a full-page advertisement in a Hollywood trade magazine.

There are several reasons, including Michael’s dissatisfaction with the show’s violence, which prompted him to resign from his DA’s office after Season Four, when he felt he was responsible for killing a witness in a local mob boss trial. But Michael’s departure from Law and Order came amid other controversial issues, including his conflict with Janet Reno, who spoke out against violence on television shows in the early ’90s.


Another reason may have been the sex of the show. Moriarty has long been a popular actor, with a string of films to his name. He starred on the acclaimed police drama “Report to the Commissioner” in the 1970s, which earned him a Tony Award and an Emmy for best actor. His role on “Law and Order” was a departure from his previous roles.

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