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Why Was Law Order a Success?

So why was Law Order so successful? What makes it unique from other crime shows? The show’s formula is simple: The detectives will solve the crime and the prosecutors will come up with a clever way to present their case and get around the legal obstacles. In addition to its solid formula, the show also has enough twists and turns to keep the viewer interested. Here are a few of the reasons why it is so successful.

The show is incredibly entertaining and human-interest-focused, and the characters are engaging in their own right. Every character is facing a compelling situation and making choices true to their character. The characters are complex, and even without the compelling plot lines, the show would be interesting. This is especially true of the original series, which featured teenagers running a sex ring and a murder case.

The show’s cast is diverse. The show has had several new actors and actresses over the years, but the core cast of the show remained consistent. Some of the show’s most iconic characters are played by actors who have been around for decades. Sam Waterston, for instance, played Jack McCoy, a district attorney who was also a star of the original series. Other actors who were a part of Law & Order included Kerry Washington, Jennifer Garner, and Laverne Cox.

The success of the original series made it possible to program an entire network just with reruns. Law & Order has been a phenomenon for over twenty years, and has even inspired a new franchise: “Special Victims Unit.” Both of these shows have the same formula and appeal, and they can’t be more different. The show is still highly popular, and its popularity reflects both artistic and market reasons.

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