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Why Can’t I Take a Picture of the Moon With My Mobile?

You’ve probably wondered, “Why can’t I take a picture of the moon with my mobile?”. Regardless of the reason, it’s a frustrating problem that has been plaguing us for years. Here are some tips to take a great moon photo on your phone. First, set a timer. You should also adjust the exposure if your moon selfie is overexposed. Another helpful tip is to lock your phone’s auto exposure control. If it’s unlocked, the phone will assume that the scene is too dark and increase the brightness of the moon.

Another way to capture the moon is to shoot it from a location with very little light pollution. Use a telephoto lens to make it appear closer. Shooting at night can be challenging, but a professional camera can change the ISO and sensitivity rating to make the shot appear brighter. Also, you can set the shutter speed to 30 seconds. Once you’ve found a dark place, look up the sky. Depending on your location, you can use an app to view the stars on your phone.

You can also use a binocular or telescope to capture the moon. However, a smartphone’s camera will probably produce images with chromatic aberration and other distortions. It’s also difficult to keep the Moon in focus. Special smartphone accessories can be used to provide a greater zoom range. And don’t forget to use the correct camera settings to avoid damaging glare.

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