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Rochester, New York – Is University of Rochester a Good School?

The university is ranked among the nation’s top universities. As an American Tier 1 research university, it challenges traditional thinking in the arts, sciences, and business. While Rochester is small in size, it has a lot to offer. In addition to academics, it has a rich cultural life, lots of music performances, and a quaint, independent theater. The city is doing quite well economically, and the University of Rochester has started to blossom.

Although Rochester offers a great education, the school has its shortcomings. Its students have no problem voicing their opinions and expressing their needs. Rochester’s administration prioritizes public image over student satisfaction. Despite the reputation as a prestigious school, it doesn’t give much pride to its students. Many athletic events are poorly attended, and campus events are filled with free food and bribes.

One of the main draws of Rochester is its city, which is unique and interesting. There are bars and clubs, historical sites, nature trails, and plenty of concerts and theatres. Even big bands come through Rochester to play concerts. While the city doesn’t have a high concentration of large cities, it doesn’t lack in diversity, and its traffic is less than half the size of New York City. Rochester has a balance between a city and a suburb and is fairly self-sufficient.

The University of Rochester is headed by a Board of Trustees, with Richard B. Handler as its chairman. The Board appoints the president of the university, which will be inaugurated in 2019. During the transition, the University of Rochester has asked members of the faculty to serve as interim presidents until the new president is appointed. The Board has stated that they will hire faculty members to fill the role.

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