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How Do I Break Into Information Technology?

The fastest way to break into information technology is by earning a certification. Tech degrees can take up to four years, while most certifications are a few weeks long. Although many people compare earning certifications with earning a degree, a certification is not necessarily necessary for entry into the IT workforce. If you have a passion for computers, you can choose to get a certification in a related field. This will give you an edge over other people who may not be as knowledgeable in this area.

Taking courses or attending networking events is another great way to get your foot in the door in the IT industry. Join professional groups and network with professionals in your area. Attend networking events to talk about career opportunities, and get tips from those who are already in the field. You can also try to take some online courses or join training sessions taught by IT industry veterans. In addition, visit your local community college to learn more about the field and its careers.

If you’ve always wanted to break into the IT field, a college degree may not be your best option. It’s important to know that the field is growing, but it’s still possible to get into the field without a college degree. As long as you have the skills and passion to excel in it, you can break into this fast-growing field and advance rapidly. A college degree is not necessary, but many employers will want you to have some kind of IT certification in order to get hired.

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