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Clogged Kitchen Sinks – What is the First Line of Attack?

Whether you are dealing with a stubborn blockage or a slow draining kitchen sink, you should consider your first line of attack. A kitchen sink clog is frustrating, but it is usually not too hard to solve. There are a few ways to clear it, including the use of household ingredients and cheap appliances. Or, if you prefer, you can call a plumber to solve the problem. If you have decided to seek professional help, check out Home Advisor and Trust a Trader, which have a wide selection of plumbers in your area.

A pipe snake is a flexible piece of wire that can be pushed into the drain and rotated to loosen the clog. There are two types of snakes: ‘naked’ snakes and ‘enclosed snakes.’ The ‘naked’ version has a grab handle on one end and a set screw on the other. The ‘enclosed’ snake has a stationary handle on one side and a rotating one on the other. Both types are effective and safe. For a more difficult clog, you can also use a spiral-shaped wire cone and drill it through the clog.

The next step to fixing a clogged kitchen sink is to avoid using chemical drain cleaners. While they do work, they can also cause more damage. The chemicals used to unclog drains may also cause the buildup of debris and grit in your pipes, which can harm your eyes and skin. Lastly, a simple solution to a clogged kitchen sink is to use boiling water in the drain. The water should flow smoothly into the drain, allowing the debris to be flushed out of the system.

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